The Artist

Simple. Brilliant. Beautiful.

    Unique handcrafted jewelry that reflects my dance through life

    The union of Earth and Spirit

    It always starts with the stones – organic, semi-precious and formed in the earth and sea, each fossil, pearl or stone has its own unique attributes, its own story to tell. I bring my ideas and silver and gold together to create a harmonious finished piece, one that will showcase Mother Earth’s beautiful creation and speak to the person who will eventually bring it home.

    Pompoms and caterpillars

    My first foray into the world of art involved gluing miniature, fuzzy pompom balls together, adding eyes and affixing them to a magnet. I was so proud of these creations and loved to give them as gifts. From that I moved on to creating foam refrigerator decorations – like a purple cow with a flowered hat. I loved it! And so did one of my teachers. I made my first art sale in 4th grade to this teacher who taught me to believe in myself and my dreams.

    Creating pottery and clay sculptures was my focus all through high school. I studied nursing in college and worked in the medical community, both as a civilian and in the US Navy. But creating art was always a constant, my own personal sanctuary. When I was stationed at Camp LeJeune I met master wire sculptor Richard LeBuno at an art show. He became my first jewelry mentor in 1984.

    Earth in Wire

    There is an inherent joy when you tap into your creativity. Children access this joy easily, coloring outside the lines and giving voice to bursts of inspiration. I honor that little girl who so enjoyed her first creations every time I work on a new piece. My pompom caterpillars have evolved into my jewelry line of gemstones encased in sterling silver and gold wire—Earth in Wire. Recently I’ve begun making jewelry with fabrication (sawing, forming, texturing & soldering metals together), continuing to learn and challenge myself and add another element to my handcrafted line of jewelry.

    Jewelry as self expression

    What draws you to a piece of art? The brilliant flash of green in a boulder opal can evoke the feeling of spring with the trees fleshing out their joyful new growth. The deep blue of lapis can speak to the part of you who seeks the rhythmic tranquility of the sea. The colors, the shapes, the variations of all these beautiful stones call to us – whether it’s our mood, our memories or simply who we are.

    Jewelry is part of the way you express yourself and should be as unique and original as you. When I create a piece, I hope that it will resonate with you, bring a smile to your face and make you feel as beautiful as you are.

    I feel blessed to be gifted with this lifelong passion for creating art. It is a journey full of twists and turns, new ideas, and interesting encounters. Thank you for visiting my website. I hope one of my creations speaks to you. 

     — Enjoy, Lynne