Sleeping Beauty - Southwest Turquoise

Sleeping Beauty - Southwest Turquoise

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“SLEEPING BEAUTY” Turquoise is from the now CLOSED Sleeping Beauty mine in southern AZ.  It is a PRIZED and ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS Turquoise.  Nothing compares the to the tranquil depth of American Sleeping Beauty turquoise! These earrings are the perfect size round cabochons delicately laced in 14 kt gold filled & gold filled ear wires.  The Sleeping Beauty turquoise is a brilliant blue accented with faceted Black Onyx. which creates a stunning, down right pretty look.   It is such a treasure to have a beautiful classic pair of American Turquoise in your collection.  Their versatility is endless as they are perfect with your favorite faded blue jeans or your finest formal.  When I travel, my turquoise are always with me!

Size 2.5 cm x 1.8 w cm
Total Length with the ear wires 4.0 cm

ALL my earrings are created as a right & left.  They are meant to turn slightly inward toward your face.  This allows the earring to actually face forward.  If the earrings turn away from your face, simply switch them on your ears.

What is gold filled wire? 14kt Gold Filled Wire is a great way to get the look and feel of gold, without the over inflated price.  Let me start by saying gold filled should not be confused with gold-plate, which is only a microscopic film of gold that will wear off.  14 kt gold filled, (rolled gold), is composed of a solid layer of 14 kt gold bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal core such as jewelers brass.  It is made up of almost the same mixture of metals (usually a brass alloy) used to bring 24kt gold down to 14kt, 10kt, etc.  All gold products I offer meet federal standards for quality and content and are warranted to never tarnish, flake, or wear off under normal use.  It does NOT have nickel in it, which usually is the metal that people can be allergic too.  Customers seem to like the fact that 14/20 gold-filled jewelry "matches" and wears like their 14k pieces, and love that it is more affordable! All that you see and that touches your skin is 14 karat gold.