Boulder Opal Earrings

Boulder Opal Earrings

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Boulder Opal earrings, "Sailboat " the blue with a hint of teal color of opal contrasts with earth tone color in the  ironstone in such a natural beautiful way.  These beauties make  cool  "Sailboats" provided by Mother Nature.

These boulder opal earrings are handcrafted in Minnesota measures:
stone in setting 4.3 cm x 2.7 cm, Full length from top of Ear wire (14 kt gold filled) to the very bottom tip of stone is 5.8 cm.

Please Note:  ALL earrings are created as a right & left.  They are meant to turn slightly inward toward your face.  This allows the earring to actually face forward.  If the earrings turn away from your face, simply switch them on your ears.

Australia was once covered by sea leaving deposits behind.  Boulder Opal is a formation of silica that has filled the cracks & crevices of sandstone & brown ironstone boulders. This set of opals has a beautiful contrast of aqua blue opal & deep dark purple along with brown ironstone.

Earth In Wire's Opals are 100% completely natural, genuine solid opal.  These are NOT doublets or triplets.  These Amazing gems have been hand polished to bring out the beauty of each opal.  The Opal miners, cutters & polishers are special friends of mine who live both down under & here in the USA.  So these opals have been in the best care.

Simple Care for the Boulder Opal: water, creams & oils will not affect your opal, however abrasives, scrapes & hard knocks can.  So it is best you do not wear your opal gardening.  Just clean any of my jewelry with warm, slightly soapy water & with a gentle brush.  Then just rinse your jewels in warm water.